Memebox Colorbox #3 Review

 Friday, October 3, 2014

Hey everyone. Hope you had a great week. This summer I got a Memebox to review and it looks like the post never published- opps! Better late than never!

Memebox is the #1 Korean beauty online retailer in the world. The company selects the best Korean beauty products and curates them into theme boxes. I was sent the Colorbox #2 Blue for review. First of all, I got really into Korean beauty products this summer so I was so excited to get the opportunity to review the best Blue products! 

The Memebox came in a branded pink bubble sleeve. It was nice to know right away what the package was and something about the brand. The box itself looked like a present and I always love a company that embraces bright pink packaging. 

The Blue Colorbox retails for $15.00 and comes with four full size products. Its quite a value! 

The first item I got was the magic lipstick. The lipstick was the most expensive item, retailing at $30. The color is blue but once on changes! I loved the purple/pink shade that it went on as. I will definitely be wearing this. The only downsize to this product is the packaging which is a little awkward to hold.

The next product is this beautiful blue nail polish that retails for just $3. I love this "Hawaiian Blue." The ocean blue eyeshadow retails for $10 and is super pigmented. Overall its very high quality for the price.

Lastly I received a gel eyeliner in Aqua deep blue. This is also really great quality for the $10 retail. Unfortunately, I rarely use a blue liner or else Id use this more!

Overall I was really impressed by this Colorbox. At only $15 + $6 shipping it was quite a steal ($53 retail!). I love the color changing lipstick and the eyeshadow and would definitely purchase cosmetics at Memebox.


Dean's List VoxBox

 Saturday, September 27, 2014

Hey everyone! Long time no post! 

Yesterday I arrived home from classes to receive a package from Influenster. I got the Deans List Voxbox! I received: SinfulColors No Text Red Nail Polish, Airheads Bites, Pilot FriXion Clicker 2-pack, KISS Looks So Natural Lashes, Covergirl Ready, Set Gorgeous Foundation, Softlips Cube and Playtex Sport Fresh Balance.

First of all I love Influenster's packaging. The box always comes stuffed with surprises and I get so excited whenever I qualify for a Voxbox. 

Now to the fun stuff- the products!

The first thing I did was try the Airheads bites. Curse you sweet tooth! I have to say I wanted to like these more than I did. Some flavors (Blue Raspberry, Cherry, Orange and Lemon) were stronger than others and I did not like the orange flavor. They were also harder to chew then I would have liked them to be. They do taste Airheads so I think if you like these flavors of Airheads you'd like this product. 

I LOVE the Softlips Cube I received. Ive owned several chapsticks from Softlips but this is my favorite. Its supposedly 5 in 1. The product claims to hydrate, replenish, smooth, protect and shine. Im not sure how much it does of each but it was felt nice and nourishing. It applies like EOS and is a bit bulky for me to carry around but I will definitely be using this product. 

Before getting this Voxbox I already owned SinfulColors products. The red I got is called "No Text Red" and came with a little card that read, "Paint your thumbnail red as a reminder to not text and to drive safely." I think its a really great campaign but at the end of the day SinfulColors are a value nail polish and not my favorite to apply. I might share this one with a friend!

I have not yet used my KISS eyelashes and so cannot comment. I am terrible with putting on false eyelashes so I might need a friend to help me apply these. 

When it is my time of the month I usually use Playtex Sport so I was excited to get a free box of Playtex products. The tampons I got are Fresh Balance. They have odor shield techology to neutralize odors. I dont know how I feel about scented tampons but why not!

The covergirl foundation seems to be a good quality but not my exact match. Thats the shame with foundations- if its not perfect, I have no use for it. 

My favorite item from this box were the two FriXion pens I got. They are gel and erasable. I am obsessed! I want more! These are so easy to write with and I love the blue gel color. 

Note: I received all of these products free from Influenster

Hope y'all have an amazing weekend!


Review:: Rocksbox, FREE MONTH Subscription!

 Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Happy Monday everyone! I hope y'all had an excellent weekend. I was able to spend some time with my family and to really enjoy Cali. Now I'm back to the grind and work with a little more than a month left at my internship. 

I've been noticing how nice everyone dresses in my area of California. The most popular looks is simple but very expensive clothing items and pieces, like a silk top and some leather pants. To keep these minimalist outfits from being boring the ladies here wear a lot of nice jewelry.

I really love jewelry. My problem is that the pieces I love tend to be very expensive. Who wants to wear gold plated when you can buy 14K? Unfortunately, I can't afford my exquisite taste so I end up with either costume jewelry or holding off until the day I can have the real thing. The other problem is that I tend to buy jewelry only to realize I have nothing in my closet to wear it with. I like bold and printed clothing and the same when it comes to picking jewelry which is problematic because they don't work together. What's a girl to do?

Look at Rocksbox of course! Rocksbox is a jewelry subscription box that differs from other jewelry subscription companies. With Rocksbox you spend $19 a month and get three designer pieces of jewelry!

The Rocksbox comes in a super cute little white box with pink ribbon.

So the way Rocksbox works is simple. Every month a designer chooses three pieces of jewelry for you that retail wayy over the $19 cost. At the end of the month you can buy the jewelry items at a discounted Member Price or send it back and get another three the month after!

The first of my three pieces was a pair of Neon and Navy Enamel Earrings from the brand Isharya. This was the most expensive of the jewelry items I received, retailing at $128. Although I like these earrings I had no use for them this month. They are quite long and a bit heavy for my taste. Although I find them beautiful they were too formal for work and I didnt have any formal occasions this month. 

The next piece I got was a House of Harlow 1960 Aztec Bangle in Black. This retails for $48 and you can buy it through Rocksbox for $38.40. I mentioned to the stylist that I had a bit larger than average sized wrists before receiving my box. This bangle was huge! You can see how low it goes on my arm! I like this bangle and could tell it was well made. The aztec pattern reminds me of arrows which I liked because of my sorority Pi Phi. This bangle goes with a lot and I'll be sad to see it go. 

The last piece is actually my favorite. This taner bar large necklace from Gorjana is simple and beautiful. Its a delicate gold bar that retails for $70. I'm seriously considering buying it for the members price at $56. when I took it out of the box I thought it was a shorter necklace but this is actually very low sitting at right below my chest. It looks expensive and is good for everyday and formal occasions.

Overall I was very satisfied with my first Rocksbox. The pieces all felt and looked expensive and at $19 a month I was excited to borrow such exquisite jewelry!

Have you tried Rocksbox before? You can use this link to get your first box free! What are you waiting for!


Coupon code! $20 to thredUP!

 Thursday, July 17, 2014

Okay, so I'm kind of a creature of habit. Every day I drink coffee, charge my phone before bed, and recently- I check thredUP

Thred up has quickly become one of my favorites on my google chrome web browser. My computer knows that I love to look at the largest online resale shop but specifically I like to hunt for Lilly Pulitzer items. I have the Lilly branded search as my go to start whenever I browse the website. thredUP usually prices Lilly around 75-85% off which is incredible.

Recently I was able to score this beautiful Lilly Maxi for only $29.49! Its the Marlisa Maxi Dress and it originally retailed for $188. thredUP labeled this dress as "Practically New" and since I know that the site is incredibly picky in what they accept I know this is coming to me in great condition. I am so excited to score a new lilly for 85% off!

I also bought this NWT Collective Concepts blouse for $18.49. I am a proud Pi Phi and when I saw the arrow print I had to have it! I love the simple black sleeves with the busier front print. This will definitely carry me from fall-winter and Im excited to wear it to pledge class bondings!

Lastly I bought a pair of lucky brand flats in a purple color. I own these in black and paid way more than the $16.49 so I know Im going to love these. The color is fun and will add a pop of color to any plain outfit. I destroy flats so I am always on the lookout for a new comfortable pair.
I usually refuse to buy shoes at a thrift or consignment type store but at least I know that when I get these they have been thoroughly inspected and I know they'll be ok to wear!

That was my most recent order at thredUP! Have you bought anything from them recently? If you haven't tried thredUP yet- you're missing out. Sign up with this link and you can even get $20 off your first purchase!!


Review:: Your Bijoux Box

 Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Happy Tuesday!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. I certainly did! I explored Los Angeles and made it out to a couple different festivals and concerts. LA has really secured my love of Boba and I am determined to try as many flavors as I can before going back to school in the fall.

This is going to be a very exciting week here at The Preppy Student. I have three new subscription boxes to review. I am so pumped to share my goodies with you, my lovely followers.

I am so enthusiastic about this first box: Your Bijoux Box.

Your Bijoux Box is a jewelry subscription box! Every month you will receive three beautiful pieces of jewelry hand curated by two of the company's owners: Shana and Dorota. The box itself is only $35 with shipping and the value of the jewelry alone is over $100! The jewelry that will come is a surprise but rest assured it will be something trendy and beautiful.

Do you love surprises? Are you obsessed with jewelry? Do you like knowing how to style your new items? If you answered yes to any of those then maybe you should try Your Bijoux Box! (Don't I sound like an ad?)

The truth is, I am not that good with surprises. I like to know that I am spending my money wisely so subscription boxes are a gamble for me. I have to say that this box, Your Bijoux Box, really exceeded my expectations.

The box itself is a beautiful teal color and inside you will find pouches. Each pouch holds one of the jewelry items and a card telling you the names and styles you have in your box.

The first item I got was the Adeline Pearl Collar. These pearls are a nice cool white color. The necklace is adjustable and I am sure I will be rocking this a lot this fall. This is a simple but trendy necklace and I love the Your Bijoux Box clasp. It's a simple detail but makes me feel like I am receiving something special. I think this necklace would easily go for $35+ so I am happy to make the investment if I would get a piece like this alone. 

The next item was the Camille Coral Necklace. This is probably the only piece out of the three I don't know if I will get much use out of. It is simply beautiful but will be hard for me to find things to wear it with in my closet. The necklace is very delicate and Your Bijoux Box suggest wearing it casually with a navy racerback top or out with maxi dress and clutch. 

Finally, the Gigi Earrings were the third item I received in this box. I really like these earrings. The size is great on my ear and they shine a lot. I was afraid they would look too much like costume jewelry but these turn a simple dress into something much more formal. I am so excited to add these to my jewelry collection.

Overall I really love this box. It definitely makes me excited to see what Your Bijoux Box will send out next month. The value of $100 for the price of $35 is a great deal and the site has amazing customer service. I'd definitely recommend the box- even for someone who doesn't like surprises like me! 

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