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 Monday, February 4, 2013

For the past month I have been decreasing the time I spend on my IPad. Instead I have been utilizing and loving my new Windows Surface tablet. As most of you know I am part of Microsoft's program called Windows Champions and as a perk of being selected I get to receive some high tech products from Microsoft. I had the opportunity to use the Surface for one year and in the month that I have had it I have realized that this tablet is seriously the coolest piece of technology I have ever owned. 

Say hello to my Surface

Aesthetically the Surface is not very different than the IPad. It looks like any other tablet and in size it is 10.8 x 6.77 x .37 inches. Although the device is longer and less tall than the Ipad, it has the same thickness and is around the same weight. The Surface feels very nice and is made out of a cool material that is unique to Microsoft. 

The longer length of the Surface is a little clumsy for reading a book or using vertically but makes the tablet a pseudo laptop device. I feel the wider size of the Surface makes the tablet more like a desktop and less like a tablet which is something to note.

The Surface features a kick stand. I have mixed feelings about this addition. Unlike the IPad the kick stand allows the Surface to stand up in a very secure way but unfortunately there is only one way to kick it up so a user cannot adjust the position of the kick. This feature is great for use on a table but its not as handy for a setting like using the tablet on my lap.

I thought I was so clever by making my background "Do Your Work"

The Surface has a usb drive which is very convenient for adding documents, photos, or even a mouse. The battery life on the device is great compared to my Ipad and although the charger is unique to microsoft and therefore not as standard as other brands, it works great and charges very quickly. 

The Type Cover is a must have for this tablet. The slim spill-proof keyboard feels like a real keyboard and it has a doubly duty as a great cover. It snaps on to the magnetic dock on the bottom and feels very secure. The keyboard is made up of raised keys instead of actual keys which is a different feeling but very similar to the classic keyboard. I was surprised by how well the keyboard and the trackpad worked! I feel no different typing on my laptop as on the tablet besides from the slightly smaller size of the Type Cover. 

As I have previously said on The Preppy Student, I have an Ipad and love it. So when I found out I was going to get a Surface part of me knew that I would be comparing the technology directly against my Ipad. Here are my honest opinions about the differences between the Ipad and Surface.

Where the Surface shines is in the display and in the actual technology. The Surface is the easiest tablet I have ever used in the way of keyboard and display. Windows RT has a completely personalized display. There is a desktop view on the surface which converts the tablet into a full on computer. This desktop view is strictly for Microsoft Word and other apps. The home screen is made up of tiles. That tile view is the quintessential image of Windows 8. The tile view was something I was not sure I was going to like about the surface but turned out to be my favorite part of the device. The tiles are a great way to have all your favorite apps in one place and are completely customizable. As you can see I like to have ebay and google close to the front of my homepage!

The browser is one of the greatest features of the Surface. Creating different tabs and windows is something that my Ipad cannot do. I love the way the  Surface holds all your tabs and you can slide your display to the side so you can see multiple screens on one page. It is much better a laptop than the Ipad in the way that it is easier to conduct multiple actions at the same time. 

Honestly the biggest difference between the two tablets comes in the form of apps. The Surface can use Windows Excel, Word and other Programs which are a must for a college student like me. Although Microsoft has this advanced hardware it does not have the access to thousands and thousands of apps that makes the Ipad much more versatile. The Itunes store has about 300,000 apps for the Ipad but the Windows has much much fewer. The windows store is very scarce right now. I find the selection of apps to be lacking but know that the store can only get more populated as more people purchase Windows 8. I sometimes say that my IPad is my "big girl game boy" and I have hundreds of different games on my IPad. I do not have as many on my Surface because there is not the same selection available for Microsoft. I find myself doing much more advanced things on my Surface as a result like using Excel or Powerpoint. 

As the name of this blog, The Preppy Student, suggests I am a currently a college student. Many students bring their laptops and tablets to classes at my university. Until receiving my Surface I had always used my Ipad as my go to technology for looking up information, pulling up ebooks and so on. Now for this use I have replaced my Ipad with my Surface. I was expecting to have fun playing with the new tablet but I was not expecting to find it to almost a replacement of my computer in this regard. The technology in the Surface is great for studying and working as a student. The ability to type onto Microsoft Word and Excel makes taking notes in class so much easier and the battery life, kick stand, and keyboard makes bringing the tablet around comparable to a mini computer.  

My only complaint about the Tablet comes in the fact that the tablet is not as mainstream as I would like it to be. The app store has so much potential if more people design apps for Microsoft and there aren't the same amount of accessories as other tablets. These are very minor complaints and I would 100% recommend buying a Surface. I did not expect to like the Surface as much as I do and think it is great for anyone who wants to buy a tablet that is comparable to a computer. Microsoft's hardware is much more personalized, and in my opinion advanced which makes the Surface have a lot to offer.

I will be posting more about my Surface in the months to come. I really enjoy using the device and cant wait to learn more about all the cool apps and features the tablet has. 

Do you own a tablet or buy one in the last few months? If so did you consider buying a Surface? 

Disclosure: I am a Windows Champions Blogger for 2013. As part of my participation in the program I will have the opportunity to try out new products and promotions. As always, 100% of opinions are my own.


Lydia Grace February 4, 2013 at 7:32 AM  

The Surface looks really nice! Thanks for the review!


Anonymous,  February 4, 2013 at 4:04 PM  

That tablet looks so cool!

Sarah February 4, 2013 at 8:37 PM  

love windows! what cool technology

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