End of 2013 Update! Marketing Favorites of 2013

 Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Hello Lovelies! 

     I apologize for the brief hiatus. These last couple weeks have been nothing but hectic for me. Between studying for finals, and then taking them, my focus was on my academics and I am pleased to say that this was my best semester yet at college. I made both Deans List and Honor Roll! (GPA >3.75) 
     Yet, as much as I am dedicated to my education I am disappointed in myself for letting The Preppy Student get the short hand. When I initially got into blogging I did it for the fashion and for the fun of getting noticed but now my reasons for blogging have changed. I am focused on my future and I hope to have a career in marketing. Now I blog not only for the reasons before but also to talk about marketing and how different social media and digital marketing strategies can affect our society.

     So as we get closer to 2014 I urge all of you to think of successful and interesting ways in which companies have marketed their products this year. 

Here were some of my favorite campaigns and strategies:

     I love love loved the Poo-Pourri commercial. Although I found it a little disturbing I have to admit this was probably the best use of marketing I have seen in a while. This is a commercial that people want to watch, it was passed around like a regular video! The product is clearly displayed and the viewer knows exactly what it is from both its name and its function. I don't know how new this idea is but with this campaign I was left feeling like I needed to buy one- if not just because of the video!

     One of the largest stories of the year was Will & Kate's pregnancy and birth of their son. Marketing played a large role in making this front-page news. Marketers are story tellers and this was certainly the story of the baby of the century. Kate marketed herself as an average woman (not affected by the royal fame) by coming out with her post-baby bump and William tried to market himself as the father of the year. 

     The Cheerios commercial above received some controversy over the company's choice to showcase a biracial family. Marketers sometimes fall into the trap of trying to promote what they think the consumer wants to see instead of what they think the company should be portraying. In the case of Cheerios, the company was just showing a typical family enjoying a box of Cheerios and marketed their product the same way they had before in any other commercial. Yet by choosing the actresses and actors they did the company was able to show that Cheerios is ready for the changing times and that society is in fact ready as well. 

Well there you have it! Some of my favorite marketing and advertisements of the year. What do you think was the best marketing move in 2013?


Anonymous,  January 2, 2014 at 5:05 PM  

I loved the cheerios ad! Congrats on the grades!

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