Monday Must Have:: Naked 3!

 Thursday, January 2, 2014

     This year I didn't ask for much for the holidays. There was nothing I had to have and I didn't want to waste my friends & families money when I had no needs this holiday season. There was only one exception: I really wanted a naked palette.

     For someone who likes makeup but does not wear it everyday I wanted to buy something that was versatile but still extravagant enough for when I wanted to really get made up. I knew that the naked palettes fit these needs and I have always loved Urban Decay. Yet, I had a lot of difficulty choosing which palette to buy.

     I went to Sephora in NYC and was lucky enough to find a stylist who helped me decide between the three palettes. This leads me to a caveat. Although I usually favor Ulta over Sephora I have been very upset with the way that the premier brands have stylists assigned to just one or two brands. If you are looking for one item between brands it is almost impossible to get unbiased information depending on which beautician you are talking to. Thats where the internet comes in handy! I knew before going to Sephora I wanted to buy UD's naked but I was pleasantly surprised to find that the sephora employees knew a lot about each product line and was not recommending one brand consistently. 

     After showing me different looks I could make with all three palettes I ended up deciding on Naked 3! I am on the paler side and have pink undertones. The Naked 3 Palette was by far my favorite for my skin tone. The dark colors will be perfect for a night out and the light pinks and mattes are great for day.

     I absolutely love the color dust. This shade is light enough to be used during the day but its shimmer is truly beautiful and can be used again at night. Strange is a great matte base and limit is useful for neutral looks. 

     Naked 3 comes with a dual ended eyeshadow brush which is surprisingly high quality considering it came for free with the palette. Naked 3 retails for about $52 and although the palette has mainly pink shades I think it would be flattering for a variety of different skin tones. 

Do you have a naked palette? Which one did you purchase?

     I am in an integrated marketing class next semester and am trying to conduct some research on makeup among women aged 18-25. If you fit that age group and have a couple free minutes and wouldn't mind helping me out please email me at

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