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 Sunday, April 26, 2015

Hello everyone! It's crazy to think that I just completed my last full semester in college. Four years just flew by right in front of me! I'll have the next couple weeks to relax and study for the GMAT before my next big adventure. In that time I hope to get some R&R and to watch a few great shows.

1. Mad Men.
Ok, so my suggestion to watch Mad Men isn't exactly new or novel. Mad Men is still my favorite show on television. Yet, my favorite part about watching Mad Men comes after I finish an episode. I've turned into one of the geeky television lovers who read recaps and blog posts about each episodes. Mad Men's costume designer- Janie Bryant- is simply genius. The costumes alone are a reason to watch this show and if you have time I would whole-heartily suggest reading Mad Style or other mad men style related blog posts. The only problem? You can't find the recent episodes on Netflix or Hulu. But if you haven't yet watched the first couple seasons you can find them on Netflix.

2.  The Kroll Show & Broad City
I am a sucker for Comedy and I get my fix from shows like the Kroll Show and Broad City. These two shows will make you laugh. That's reason enough to add them to your Hulu queue! 

3. Flip or Flop
As I've gotten older, my obsession with HGTV has grown. I love watching Flip or Flop (now on Netflix) as a easy to watch show. Yes, we know what's going to happen (surprise! the gross house becomes beautiful) but it's still a fun ride to see a decrepit house become an expensive home.

4. The Paradise
Ladies! This is what I imagine all romantic historical fictions books to look like. Paradise has elegance and beauty and fun characters. I feel like Ive traveled to a whole new time and beautiful world watching this show. Even though I like the supplemental characters more than the main characters, I enjoy following this story about the first department store. The show is made by BBC and you can find it on Netflix.

5. Shark Tank
Entrepreneurship is pretty cool. Nuff Said.


Alex April 27, 2015 at 7:22 AM  

I started Mad Men years ago but never ended up finishing it, I'll try and revisit it soon since the show is wrapping up this season.

Julie Tucker-Wolek April 27, 2015 at 8:04 AM  

I love Secret & Lies, The Blacklist and EVERYTHING HGTV!! LOL!!!

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