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Hello! Thank you for clicking on the Advertising/Sponsorship page. I am The Preppy Student and I am very excited to be to promote your shop/blog at a reasonably low price through sponsorship on my blog today!

Why sponsor with The Preppy Student?
  • I am a very active blogger making new friends and constant viewers on a daily bases 
  • I post at least one new article a day so my followers are always entertained. 
  • Over 800 page views each day/over 15,000 viewers each month
  • Over 2100 followers and an average of 10-15 new followers a day

The Larger Ad Space Available is 175 x 175 pixels.
Large {175 x 175 pixels}
  • 1 Month - $35
  • 3 Months- $95

♥ No flash ads. If your ad has a white background consider creating a 1 pixel border so it doesn’t get lost in my white background. If you don’t have a way of making a button I can make one for you for an additional $5. Please be aware that increased blog/shop traffic doesn’t happen instantly. It takes time and sponsorship is just the first step to increasing success.

Here at The Preppy Student my readers are...
  • Mainly Women between the ages of 15 and 55
  • Preppy Lovers
  • Shopaholics/ Fashionistas
  • Students
  • Photographers
  • checking out your blog/shops and either purchasing or bookmarking on the spot!
Included in sponsorship space:
  • Optional giveaways (which promotes your blog/shop more)
  • Optional reviews of your site (to give my readers a better idea of your products)
  • A large ad includes a post all about you and your site/store/company!
  • A banner of your choosing in my Current Sponsor Page
  • Right side blog space directly next to the most recent post for the most traffic!

Let The Preppy Student help you generate more business!
Interested? Contact me for more detailed information
**All billing is handled through PayPal and sponsor buttons do not go up until payment is received and processed. Prices are subject to change as blog traffic continues to grow here on The Preppy Student, but they will always continue to stay affordable.

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